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In order to achieve the most clean, natural-looking line, wiggle and dab the brush gently but firmly against the lash line. From the angled liner brush to the spoolie, we lay out how to identify and how to use makeup brushes in your collection. It’s so versatile—you can use it on your cheeks, lips, and even your eyes if it’s the right color. It’s really great if you’re in a hurry or you forget a product. It also pays to invest in quality for professional kits. You want products with good color payoff, ingredients that won’t irritate clients’ skin, and packing that can withstand wear and tear. Getting palettes that focus on just one group of skin tones or a single color family of lip or eye color will ultimately limit your choice in both products and clients. Add good quality concealer and foundation to your kit.

If you aren’t a big eyeshadow user, just keep 1 or 2 options that you like in your kit along with your other materials. At a minimum, you need to have black and brown mascara to match different hair colors, especially if you are doing makeup for other people. Have different types and colors of eyeliners available. If you are creating a kit just for yourself, buy eyeliners that you feel confident using and that you use regularly. For a professional kit, have multiple options and colors available so you can style many different looks. Blushes and highlighters are an essential part of any makeup kit, as they can really amp up your look with just a few swipes of a brush. You can get individual blushes or buy a palette full of different colors, depending on your needs. Matte formulas work well with oily skin, while cream formulas are good for dry skin.

This five-piece set includes a blush brush, crease brush, setting powder brush, face brush and a flexible sponge for foundation application. If you want to make your makeup brushes last longer then you must keep them clean all the time. You can also use a makeup brush cleaner for cleaning them. Makeup brushes are very handy and useful when you’re traveling or attending weddings and other special events, just keep them in your makeup bags. This is best when you are traveling since it is composed of sleek brushes with shorter handles. It has seven brushes including a tapered blending brush, small angled brush, eye shading brush, eye pencil brush, foundation brush, large angled contour brush, and a large powder brush.

This is sold as a highlighting brush, but I love it as a blush, bronzer and highlighting and powder brush. I have a small face, so this size works perfectly for me.

The handles are made of lightweight plastic, which can make the brushes feel quite flimsy. The Flat Foundation Brush is the densest brush in this collection. I personally don’t use brushes for applying foundation so I used this to apply powder instead. It worked well for that purpose, though I had to dip and buff multiple times because the small brush head only allows me to work in small areas. It does a great job of blending everything together to make my makeup look more seamless. Sure, you can put makeup on with your fingers, with the little sponge brushes that come in an eyeshadow kit, even with a Q-tip or a cotton ball. But, you have way less control over what you’re doing and can end up with a big old mess! Having a handful of quality brushes is key to any beauty regimen.

Rub a little highlighter to your lips and reap great results. Make sure that you use a blending sponge or finger to work it on your skin and get remarkable look. You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number once your order has shipped. I’m dedicated to inspiring you to discover and get creative with budget beauty, and live fabulously without breaking the bank. I wish I’d had a guide like this when I was starting out with makeup. Even pros make mistakes — so it’s always good to have some type of makeup remover in your arsenal just in case (paired with those pointed Q-tips to completely erase any makeup mishap). Plus, at the end of the day, you’re going to want some gentle makeup remover that will swipe away every last trace of makeup.

13Pcs Premium Yellow Handle Synthetic Foundation Brush

Normally, the brushes will need to be acceptable for powder, lotion, and liquid cosmetics. The second you touch one of these brushes to your cheek, you’ll marvel at just how soft the bristles are. This set is meant to mimic the effect of airbrush makeup, meaning your foundation, concealer, and blush will apply flawlessly. Your makeup application is only as flawless as the tools you use to sweep, swirl, and blend it in place. Whether creating smoldering eyes or chiseled cheekbones, these are the sets you want in your arsenal. Ahead, the 16 best makeup brush sets to gift your favorite beauty-obsessed friend for the 2020 holiday season . Plus, check out our other beauty gifting ideas, like advent calendars, gift sets, and more. If you’re not interested in spending a ton of money on a brush set but want to get some quality makeup brushes to experiment with new looks, this e.l.f. brush set will satisfy your every need.

The right makeup brush set should cover just about everything you need for a full face application. A variety of face and eye brushes should do the trick. It should definitely have the basics – foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye contour brush, basic eyeshadow brush, powder brush, eyebrow brush, and a small angled brush. Some sets offer do offer more than just the basics such as a spoolie, a fan brush, a lip brush, and a contour brush. From our Studio Pro line brushes to our most basic makeup brush, BH Cosmetics is committed to high-quality, vegan products. Shop our entire collection of makeup brushes, cosmetic tools, skin care, and makeup to complete any and every look! Shop our awesome collection of foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, bags, tools, and more to experience all BH Cosmetics has to offer.

It absorbs product, allowing you to gradually add the ideal amount of foundation to your complexion. The best makeup brushes will allow you to buff, contour, shape, highlight and sculpt like a pro. Its extensive range of brush sets are fantastic, but this five-piece kit covers all the basics. With seven top-quality brushes for powder, liquid or cream products, it will help you create anything from everyday looks to dramatic after-dark vibes. Some people do not like having the same highlight color as their base. If this applies to you, you can use an eye shadow primer to stop your eye shadow from creasing. Be sure to apply your highlight in your inner corners to open up your eyes and to your brow bone to give your eyes definition. If you are using powder foundation, you can apply the makeup using a makeup sponge or a powder brush.

It evens out skin that is not well balanced, covers pores, fine lines and blemishes too. It is also free of oil and regulates the amount of oil that your skin is producing. ✔ The tinted moisturizer that evens out skin tone for a natural woke-up. ✔ Contaminated with grape and Vitamins A, C, and E to help boost your complexion and hydrate your skin for a fresh, dewy look. LilyAna is best known for being plant based- aloe vera and green tea, giving it a more organic and natural feel, and result. It gives you a much clearer and smoother appearance, thus a youthful look thanks to its anti-ageing properties. ✔ Works as a resistance between your skin and pores. Thanks to this mini kit, there’s a way to try not one butthreeof Pat McGrath Lab’s luxury lipsticks for $25. This kit includes three mini sizes of these matte lippies, and comes in two varieties for you to choose from. For best results, apply with fingertips—gently squeeze a tiny dot onto finger.

For prep, be sure you have at least one product each to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. This generally includes cleansing wipes, a toner, and a lightweight moisturizer. If you are storing your kit in a drawer, buy some small plastic containers to separate your makeup by type so you stay organized. You may prefer a hard container with drawers so you can easily see what you have available to use, or you could store everything in a bag with various compartments. Other available options are see-through bags, so it’s easy to find things, makeup boxes with small compartments that fold out, and bags with multiple pockets for easy organization. Wipes are also useful to wipe off your hands after applying makeup either to yourself or someone else. Add makeup wipes to your kit for easy makeup removal.