The Best License Plate Frames

Installation is easy but the product doesn’t come with bolts and other tools. The frame consists of a Jeep grill and a bumper that are molded into one piece. The biggest part of the frame is made of chrome, while the bumper is constructed of sturdy plastic. The entire piece is weatherproof, so it should resist heavy rains and snow with no issues. There are two styles available – chrome and black – and while both look fantastic, we find that the black license plate frame looks extra powerful on already dark vehicles. The installation is easy although this four-hole frame doesn’t come with screws and other tools.

The license plate frame features four holes, so it’s important to check your vehicle to ensure it will fit. It features an easy installation and includes everything you need to put it in place. The package includes two license plate frames, eight plastic screw caps, four self-tapping screws, eight machine screws, eight washers, and one screwdriver. Karoad, a company producing a variety of automotive accessories, sells this set of two black, stainless steel license plate frames. They’re intended to protect vehicle license plates from folds, dings, and scratches along the corners. They’re covered in a black matte power coating finish and are thin enough that they won’t cover up state-mandated stickers on the corners.

Sleek, simple and tough, this plate holder by Circle Tool is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a quality but affordable stainless steel frame for your license plate. This sharp looking frame is sturdy and will easily add a touch of class to any vehicle. Made of stainless steel with a slick and thick finish, the Karoad license plate covers are sturdy and protective on one hand and minimalistically stylish on another. So, if you’re looking for something simple but well-constructed, these black, slim frames are a great choice. Made of highest quality stainless steel, this license plate by DFDM National fights rust and corrosion like a superhero.

The product is long-lasting and offers impressive value. The build of the frame is quite remarkable, considering the price. This frame comes in a single package, so you will have to get one more for the front or back of the car. The daisies are beautifully hand painted in white and yellow. The whole frame is then chrome coated to protect the metal and the paint. It has a very appealing textured pattern that looks a lot more refined than the usual black metal frame.

Also, the color options are good and evenly match many different models of vehicles. Even though the aluminum is thin, it can cover a very thick license plate. Even the most mechanically-challenged individual can change a license plate frame with just a little hardware and tools. It’s a simple yet pleasing upgrade and takes just a few minutes to install.

The frame fits a standard license plate and the engraveable area measuring 12 x 1 inches is located at the bottom of the frame. In most states, license plate frames are permitted as long as the characters are not covered. You’ll need to look into the specific laws in your state and choose a frame that meets those requirements. For example, some states do not allow frames that include a clear protective cover, while others allow it. Most states discourage the use of tinted protective covers as this can cause a glare, making the license plate difficult to read. Reviewers love that the product doesn’t obscure any part of their license plate.

Bell also makes seat covers, tire inflators, and steering wheel covers. Bell’s motto is “to live, ride, drive and thrive.” One popular product is the Bell Automotive Universal Black Paw Print Design License Plate Frame. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. Rattle free, anti-vibration bumper stops and mounting spacers protect your vehicle.

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It’s covered in seven rows of crystals with a total of 1,050 5 mm pieces precisely placed to cover every spare inch. Underneath, the frame is made of high-quality stainless steel to keep it strong and lightweight. Also, the steel is guaranteed not to rust, which could save you from replacing the frame for a long time.

We narrowed our search down to five of the top-rated license plate frames that are on the market today. This personalized license plate frame is made from solid, brushed stainless steel and your laser-engraved brand on the top and bottom. This model features a narrow top bar over a large bottom bar. Complete the look of BMW M Performance equipped vehicles with this BMW Powered by M stainless steel license plate frame. The frame is constructed of anodized stainless steel for excellent looks and longevity.

The two frames come with a bunch of tools to make installation really easy. You won’t have to worry about finding matching screws or caps because the package provides everything. The frame is considerably well constructed to last a long time.

The re-designed slotted fastener holes cover less of the plate, meaning the frame shouldn’t cover up any important tags or registration stickers. What’s more, the chrome-plated ABS plastic frame includes a polycarbonate insert that will protect it from road debris and other damage. Use this frame with all standard 12” x 6” license plates.

But since only the top screws are really necessary to attach a plate, it’s not a deal-breaker. The caps give a stylish look to the frames by covering the screws, but do have the potential for falling off eventually since they’re loose plastic. Universal fit for all vehicles with North American size license plates. Or maybe you’re just one of those impulsive people who likes to let other people around you know a little bit about yourself. It doesn’t get much more over-the-top than the Rhinestone License Plate Frame from Lord Eagle. Glitz, glam, and sparkle all reign supreme in this festive frame, which glitters and glistens at every turn.

The black finish also claims to be rust-resistant and won’t peel off. While enough time hasn’t passed to judge its long-term quality, my initial tests were favorable. Ideally your license plate frame will be rust- and corrosion-resistant. Most products are made from stainless steel with a chrome coating. Other popular options include aluminum and carbon fiber.

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Hundreds of hours go into testing our frames, assuring the quality will last for years to come. When installed properly, the two top screws will keep the license plate/frame secured to the vehicle. We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. We will work with you for a fair resolution to any issue you may have.